Jane Lyda, Psychic/Medium

Psychic and Medium Readings with 30 Years Experience!





My name is Jane Lyda.  I am a natural born Psychic/Medium.  

As a child, I discovered that I had special abilities and set out to master those abilities.  My gifts allow me to connect with you and the spirits around you of your loved ones to answer your questions directly and with accuracy. 

Through my spiritual readings I will assist you on your ever changing journey in life.  The abilities I hold will help you conquer anything that is blocking your dreams and happiness.  Your dreams are special and I am here to help you turn them into a wonderful reality. 

I am honest, compassionate and understanding.  I will be up front with you and share everything that spirit is communicating to you.  I will open the channels, helping you to recognize solutions that we cannot always see on our own. 

Let me give you the power and the ability to move on to a more productive and happy life.  

I offer superb insight that will provide enlightenment into any aspect of your life.  I can help you to focus on your own energy and obtain the wonderful future that is waiting for you! 


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