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Written Testimonials: 

Jane has been working with me for years.  She genuinely care for the people she helps!  I can not express how much she helped me through a very traumatic time when I lost someone very dear to me.  She is not like others that I have gotten readings from that is short with you and you hear a buzzer going off in the background when your time is up!  Thank  you Jane for helping, but more so for caring!

Jennifer M


I would just like to write a small note of thanks to you, dear Jane.  When someone suffers the loss of a child there is no consoling them, yet somehow you seemed to turn my depression and darkness into hope and light.  There are not enough words to thank you for this.  It saved my marriage, Im sure.

Michelle L


I have always been curious about how people can communicate with people who have passed away.  I never needed to find out until my best friend passed away in a horrible car accident.  Jane knew every detail, even that she had been on a life support system until we had to take her off.  How would anyone have known this!  She brought peace back to me knowing that there IS life after death and I will see my friend again one day but until then I can still communicate with her through signs and Jane :-).

April D


I have never been so impressed with any one in my life!  Jane, you hit every validation right on the money!  You knew things that nobody else in this world but us two know!  The things that came out even amazed me!  You truly have a gift and I can only thank you for sharing it with the world!!

Dan G


Jane really cares about what she does!  Her prices are reasonable and there isn't a 3 yr waiting list to see her!  I needed healing now....not in 3 years!  God guided me to you and you were there for me.  I can never thank you enough for taking the time to see me and give me words of encouragement when I needed it the most.

Michael R


I went to see Jane feeling depressed and suicidal over a near death experience from a car wreck that I had.  I felt guilt, and thought I should have been the one to die in the wreck and not my friend.  The second I sit down (and not even all the way yet, I might add) she looks at me with tears coming up in her eyes and said, nothing is worth your life, not even guilt.  I almost ran out the door because it scared me, I have to admit, but for some reason I knew I was lead there and I felt comfortable with her immediately.  By the time I left she had told me how I was going to commit suicide, even explaining to me where I had left the gun laying, and she went well over our session time, talking to me until she knew for a fact that I was safe.  None of those famous people would have done that for me!  But she did!  I owe her my life!!  I will be forever grateful to her and so will my family!  I love you, Jane, thank  you!

James D


My grandmother raised me and when she passed it really hit me hard.  I knew it was her time to go and she had been sick for some time and needed to leave us.  It did not make my pain any less!  As we all are, I was selfish and wanted my grandma back! Every validation Jane gave me was correct!  I was not planning on getting on the information I did, I was a bit skeptical, but not anymore.  I will always be a client of hers.

Patricia C


I lost my fiance and was in an accident that left me in a wheelchair.  I was glad that Jane could accommodate me.  She was very nice and looked at me like a human being instead of like some people look at me now.  She even walked me to my car to make sure I didn't need any help.  Everything she told me was true.  Everything she told me would happen, so far has.  Jane is priceless...so please go see her if you are in need!  There is no need to suffer alone when someone is here that can and will help you!

Norma G


I am glad to say that I have worked with Jane for many years.  I have never been let down by her reading.  She is always on point and I always feel a sense of peace when I leave her.  She gives you hope in a world where you feel there isn't any.  She never lets you leave if she senses at all that you need to stay.  She has never one time looked at a clock while I was there.  She has never rushed me.  She has never not helped me.  I am blessed to know her and even more blessed to have been able to find her.  

Carrla E


I had Jane come to my home to do a psychic reading and she instead ended up doing a medium and psychic reading because the second she walked in my house my grandfather who passed was there to greet her.  This really touched me because my grandfather and me were very close.  I didn't know how I felt about medium readings though, so I was only going to get a psychic one.  Like Jane said, the spirits know what we need and they deliver it for us, because my grandfather knew down deep I really needed the closure of hearing from him again, but just was just too scared to seek her out for that.  Well, my grandfather took care of that!  Thank you Jane!

 Bethany R 


After my brother committed suicide I felt there was no reason to live either.  I really can't say what made me go see Jane that day, or even how I really found her, I was just reading up on things on the web and she popped up.  I saw that as a sign from my brother and called her.  She is amazing!  There just isn't another word for it!  She helped me find peace, something I hadn't had since he died.  The things we talked about that day opened my eyes to something unimaginable to some people, but I can honestly say, she made a believer out of me!!  Jane knew things that she couldn't have googled or looked up, she just couldn't have known them.  She only asked for my first name when I called, so she couldn't have looked it up.  It is an amazing experience for anyone who has suffered a loss as awful as the one that I have.  If I could say just one thing, I would say, look for the signs.  My brother gave me a sign that day, and instead of ignoring it I called, and I am so glad I did.  Thank you, bro!

Ricky G




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